Water and Energy - Zero Emission

  • Geothermal energy, forgotten giant of renewable energies, provides stable and reliable heat 24h/24h during 365 days a year, ensuring the stability of the thermal processes of desalination.
  • Geothermal energy does not pollute the environment at all without emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gasses.
  • Geothermal production technology to extract hot water from reservoirs aquifers is proven.
  • The medium and low temperature MED or MED-TVC desalination technology is confirmed.
  • Geothermal desalination yields fresh water of high quality.
  • By geothermal desalination fresh water costs of less than $0,50/m3 are real.
  • Geothermal energy offers a higher output of electricity production compared to other forms of renewable energy such as wind or solar for example.
  • Geothermal desalination aids local development and improves employment perspectives in this new market between the renewables energies.
  • Geothermal desalination needs no importation or use of own fossil energy. By this way the production costs of desalinated seawater are considerably decreased and money can be saved for other economic fields.
  • Carbon markets allow to exchange not used carbon taxes between the concerned countries.

According to a study by the “Earth Policy Institute”, geothermal energy represents “50.000 times the energy of all gas and oil reserves”, if we recover heat in medium or high enthalpy. So, the technology, geothermal operation, used for hot water extraction of geothermal reservoirs is mature.

In fact, geothermal energy receives less media coverage than the other forms of renewable energy, but it is an energy source which could very rapidly become the “One” of all renewable energies, despite the fact that so far, the green ambitions of all stakeholders have been focused on wind and solar energy. Geothermal energy is present on all continents, renewable, clean and waste-free. It is used in situ, does not depend on climate conditions and requires low operating expenditure.