Our biochar is produced exclusively from renewable biomass in the form of unused agricultural or forestry residues. Biochar has demonstrated that an application of ten tons of biochar per hectare increases crop productivity to levels that range from 50% to 200%, depending on the biomass, the ground and the climate, with a distinct feature: the poorer the soil, the greater its effect.

Agro-ecological solutions arising from it are showing that biochar makes it possible to produce a variety of vegetables in desert sands, up to 100 to 150 tons per hectare/year, in temperatures that can exceed 55 degrees centigrade while consuming up to 80% less water. After preparing the soils in accordance with the precise specifications provided by o’deep Greening Desert, biochar makes it possible to produce a variety of fresh vegetables in any season consuming much more less water than a traditional vegetable garden for the same yield. Vegetable production is constant throughout the year, regardless of the seasons, with a cycle that can vary between 3 and 5 weeks for short season vegetable crops (see 2 photos below).