Water and Energy – Zero Emission

The century of water !

The century which has been completed was the century of oil, in the beginning of the XXIe century all indicates that is dethroned. This phenomen comes from the existence of the fluid the most commun, the most abundant, the most accessible : water, which covers two thirds of the surface of the globe and which however poses problem.

Why? Because water, more essential to the life of men than oil, will miss, indeed, it’s already missing. Here it is the dryness, elsewhere else it destroys all with floods and storms. But the increasing importance of water is due to the fact that it is placed at the crossroads of two great human concerns : vital natural resources and climatic ecological balance of the planet. Drinking water therefore will miss in quantity and in quality. The scarcity of this vital resource due to global warming and a considerable demographic pressure is a source of conflicts, health crises and social inequalities.

Thus, without access to drinking water, followed by access to energy, for a country there can be no health, no education, no economic growth, no stability and no fight against poverty.

The distilling apparatus firstly used for the desalination of seawater was in Souakin in Sudan about 1800, and even if we have 1928 like date for the first industrial unit of desalination, it is only since 1957 in Shuwaikh in Kuwait that they are more and more largely applied, but all are consuming more or less big quantities of energy.

These existing current methods are expensive and practically reserved for the countries which have energy or are able to get necessary fossil energies. But all are creating problems of pollution and are emitting CO2 emissions with greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. To which is necessary to add an exhaustion of fossil energy one day.

 “If we could ever competitively, at a cheap rate, get freshwater from saltwater, that would be in the long-range interest of humanity and would dwarf any other scientific accomplishments.”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

But he also said:
“The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men and women who can dream of things that never were.”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

(In 1961, by referring to the studies of the “US Office of Saline Water”, in two speeches to the Congress he demonstrated his interest for seawater desalination.
More than ever, these two quotations continue to apply.)

More than half a decade later the team of o’deep desalination, taking into consideration the actual global warming effects on Earth and the permanently increasing need of freshwater and energy, proposes a new solution for seawater desalination by Geothermal Energy, forgotten giant of renewable energy.