o’deep H2 for producing ‘green hydrogen’ at low cost:

With o’deep H2, o’deep desalination is able to produce green hydrogen on a large scale as a chemical element and energy carrier. Produced at very low cost, without emitting any carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, o’deep H2 hydrogen may form the basis of a genuinely sustainable energy system: the hydrogen economy with its variety of industrial applications in the transport fields, starting with engines for the automobile industries, but also for the shipping market (like for example “Zero-Emission Vessels 2030”) or the railway market.

In this application hydrogen is a new energy vector without carbon monoxide generation used in fuel cells (PAC), where it is combined with oxygen from the atmosphere to produce electricity with water as the only waste product. Hydrogen can also supply other types of heat engines.

o’deep hydrogen in interaction with Greening Desert (biochar) allows the production of biofuels drastically limiting emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (such as bioethanol for example), while capturing CO2 in the soil (recall: 2,7 tons of CO2  captured with 1 ton of biochar).

Today, the price of hydrogen produced by electrolysis is heavily affected by the cost of electricity. Using nuclear-generated electricity ensures the lowest possible cost, that is $3 to $5/kg of H2. By comparison, o’deep H2 makes it possible to envisage a cost of less than $0.50 /kg of H2.

Finally, and it is no secret, the Earth is warming up unnaturally. It is therefore essential to reduce CO2 emissions. o’deep desalination and o’deep H2 for the production of green hydrogen, but also concomitantly, oxygen (O) and green ammonia (NH3) as renewable fuels, provide solutions to these challenges. A particular application of o’deep desalination is to use an o’deep unit exclusively for green hydrogen fuel and green ammonia fuel production. Lastly, the CO2 savings obtained, converted into quotas, will be exchanged on international carbon stock markets.